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Entertaining entertaining. 
Dinner parties as performance. 
Curtain up on cocktails.

Dinner Party Theatre is here to help you plan, host, and execute great food events. Complete menus, craft ideas, individual recipes, pick what you want and make it happen. Everything tastes better with company, and I'm here to help you bring friends and family into your home.

My Story

By daylight I’m an actor in NYC. You may have seen me as an utter lout on Law and Order SVU or as a Blue Man in Blue Man Group in New York, Vegas and Berlin. I am a proud graduate of Northwestern University and a hopeless comic book collector. I just finished touring the country with the First National Tour of Flashdance the Musical and am back in NYC auditioning and eating. 


Have a question about the recipes? Want to attend a party? Drop a line, get in touch, say hello, and tell me your favorite drink. 

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